How can I pay less tax?.

Keep receipts for work deductions; consider salary packaging, salary sacrifice into superannuation -are just a few strategies. We have many more suggestions.

How long will my refund take?

Last year the ATO processed 90% of tax returns within 14 days of their lodgement.

Do you do bookkeeping and Business Activity Statements?

Yes. We offer a full service for all your record keeping, reporting and taxation obligations. This included GST, PAYG withholding, PAYG Installments, Superannuation and Tax Payable.

I have not got the money to pay my B.A.S .and Income Tax. Can you help me?

Yes. We can request a payment arrangement with the ATO for you.

Do you do Superannuation Fund tax returns and Audits?

Yes. We can prepare and lodge your Super Fund Tax Return. We use an external Auditor (If you have not appointed one) to Audit your Fund. We can Audit your Super Fund if your Tax Return is prepared by another Tax Agent.

Can I email you my information so you can do my tax return?


Can I see you on a weekend?

Yes, by appointment.

Can you come to my business premises?

Yes, by appointment. We visit many businesses and assist them, on their computer systems.

I have mobility issues. Can you come to me?

Yes, by appointment. We look after many elderly and disadvantaged people.

Do I have to keep a vehicle log book and for how long?

We advise you to keep a logbook for twelve consecutive weeks during the financial year to substantiate your claims and to maximise your tax deductions.

Do I have to keep receipts for what I want to claim as tax deductions?

Yes, to substantiate your expense claims.

What if my receipts have faded and I can’t read them?

In future, photocopy them as soon as you get them. Check with the supplier or look on your bank or credit card statements to verify the dollar amounts.

What do I have to give you at tax time?

Name, address, date of birth, tax file number, spouse details and number of dependants. Your income, expense and bank details for your refund; child support payments you made, details of assets disposed of (apart from your principle place of residence and your personal effects.

I have not lodged a tax return for several years. Where do I start?

Make an appointment with us to discuss your situation and to receive advice from us on what documents you need to find. Some of your past year's income information should be available to us on the ATO Tax Agents portal. Do it as soon as possible as the longer you leave it, the harder it is for you to get started and therefore to catch up.

Centrelink wants financial reports for my small business. How do I do this?

We will produce financial reports for you to present to Centrelink from the source documents you provide us with, asking you relevant questions in order to do this.

Do I need to have my business books done by a Bookkeeper before I see you?

No. We do bookkeeping, payroll, BAS’s, financial reports, debt collecting, business coaching record keeping set ups and training, financial analyses of your business performance.

I have rental properties. Can you ensure I get the best deductions for them?

Yes. We can certainly do this and have contacts for Tax Depreciation reports as well.