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Bribie Accounting Services-Our staff have extensive business knowledge, professional Accounting training and friendly approachable personalities making us well placed to assist our clients with personal and business taxation needs

I am Noelene, and I’m passionate about helping people with their bookkeeping, accounting and taxation needs. I love living on Bribie Island and helping folk in my local community, whether they have needs as individuals, retirees or businesses. If you can’t get to me, I will come to you.

Claiming Business Expenses

You can claim most expenses you incur in running your business as deductions to reduce your assessable income. If you incur an expense that relates to both business and private use of an asset, you can only claim the business portion of those expenses. Claim an immediate deduction for working or operating expenses you incur […]

Claim EVERYTHING you can

Listed below are some possible tax deductions that you may have overlooked: Sunscreen, laundry, dry cleaning, briefcase, self-education; home office electricity, printer ink, copy paper, stationery, protective work boots, protective clothing, subscriptions, salary package fees, income protection insurance, personal contributions to superannuation, mobile phone use, internet use, seminars, conferences, specific investment advice. The tax deductibility […]