If you work from home: keep a diary of hours worked in your home office for your job or business and record your internet and telephone usage.

Donations: Make donations to registered charities before 30th June and obtain a receipt in the name of the highest income earner in your family.

Income Protection Insurance: This is tax-deductible. Life Insurance is NOT.

Interest Income: The account should be in the name of the lowest earner.

Logbooks: Make sure you have one for at least 13 weeks of the financial year

Superannuation: consider salary sacrificing bonuses or some of your income

Capital Gains: If you made a capital gain this financial year and you have some poor performing shares, consider selling them prior to 30th June.

Keep receipts and records: Use a credit card or EFTPOS for all expenses then highlight the work/business ones. Keep receipts in one place, like a folder.

Claim all of your allowable deductions and tax offsets.
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