Tax Return Checklist For Individuals

Tax Return Checklist For Individuals
• Payment Summaries (Group Certificates)
• Lump Sum/Termination Pay Summary
• Government payment statements (if received)
• Interest Income (banks, credit unions etc.)
• Dividend Statements (and reinvestments)
• Annual Tax Statements-Managed Funds
Other Income
• Business
• Capital gains
• Employee Share Schemes
• Foreign Income
• Rental properties
• Work related expenses
• Motor vehicle
• Travel (fares and accommodation)
• Uniforms, work and protective wear
• Self-education, professional development
• Union fees
• Registrations
• Subscriptions and memberships
• Tools and equipment
• Home office
• Seminars and conferences
• Telephone, internet
• Computer expenses
• Any other work related expenses
Other Deductions
• Donations to registered charities
• Donations to building funds
• Tax Agent fees
• Travel to and from tax Agent
• Income Protection Insurance
• Investment and dividend expenses
Offsets and refunds
• Health Insurance annual statement
• Tax Installments paid
• Spouse details including taxable income
• Dependant details
• Your bank details for any refunds due
• You can also email, text, post or fax your information to us, including your contact details, if you cannot attend personally.

Employee/Contractor Decision Tool

There is a Decision Tool on the Australian Taxation Office website designed to help employers understand whether their individual workers are employees or contractors, in order to comply with tax and superannuation obligations.

Once you have answered a series of questions you will be provided with a report which will give:
• A decision of employee or contractor
• A summary of the information you have provided
• The basis of the decision and
• A summary of your taxation and superannuation obligations relating to the worker.

You will remain anonymous at all times. No personal information will be transmitted to the A.T.O.

Please contact me if you would like to assess your employer obligations.