Employees who do some work at home

Employees who do some work at home

If you have a dedicated home office, and you do some work from home, even if it is just checking emails, printing reports or doing work rosters -you may be able to claim a portion of:
home office running expenses, Internet and phone expenses as well as computer expenses.

If you work at home but don’t have a dedicated home work area, you cannot claim occupancy costs (rates, insurance, rent, mortgage payments).

Please contact me for assistance determining your eligible deductions.

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Employees Travel Expenses

About Bribie Accounting ServicesThe ATO substantiation requirements for employees travel expenses do not apply to “travel expenses” incurred by an employee who receives a travel allowance for travel within Australia and the claims for costs of accommodation, food, drink and other incedentals do not exceed the reasonable amounts as determined by the ATO. A travel diary is required for travel of 6 or more nights in a row.

Please make sure your employer states the travel allowance amount paid to you, as a separate item called “travel allowance” on your payslips and year end summary.

This is an issue for many employees; so if you incur travel expenses in your employment, please talk to your employer now.

Employee/Contractor Decision Tool

There is a Decision Tool on the Australian Taxation Office website designed to help employers understand whether their individual workers are employees or contractors, in order to comply with tax and superannuation obligations.

Once you have answered a series of questions you will be provided with a report which will give:
• A decision of employee or contractor
• A summary of the information you have provided
• The basis of the decision and
• A summary of your taxation and superannuation obligations relating to the worker.

You will remain anonymous at all times. No personal information will be transmitted to the A.T.O.

Please contact me if you would like to assess your employer obligations.