This year, tax deduction claims the A.T.O. will focus on include:

  • Motor vehicle expenses
  • Expenses for transporting bulky tools and equipment
  • Uniforms and laundry
  • Overnight Travel-transport, accommodation and meals
  • All work-related expenses: computers, stationery, telephone, internet, fees, subscriptions, electricity, tools, equipment.
  • Self-education claims.

Make sure you can substantiate ALL of your tax deduction claims.

Please contact me if you need assistance.

Work-Related Deductions

Some of the expenses that you may be able to claim as tax deductions are:

  • Work related expenses (e.g., uniforms, occupational specific clothing, protective wear, telephone calls, stationery, seminar and conference expenses and travel expenses).
  • Motor vehicle expenses if you used your car for work
    (other than to and from work unless heavy tool carrying).
  • Self-Education expenses
  • Tools and equipment expenses
  • Computer expenses (if used partly for work)
  • Home office expenses
  • Gifts or donations to registered charities
  • Union fees
  • Overtime meal expenses
  • Tax agent’s fees paid in the financial year
  • Personal superannuation contributions
  • Rental property expenses
  • Income Protection Insurance costs

Maximise your refund by bringing your expense receipts to me.

Tax Return Checklist For Individuals

Tax Return Checklist For Individuals
• Payment Summaries (Group Certificates)
• Lump Sum/Termination Pay Summary
• Government payment statements (if received)
• Interest Income (banks, credit unions etc.)
• Dividend Statements (and reinvestments)
• Annual Tax Statements-Managed Funds
Other Income
• Business
• Capital gains
• Employee Share Schemes
• Foreign Income
• Rental properties
• Work related expenses
• Motor vehicle
• Travel (fares and accommodation)
• Uniforms, work and protective wear
• Self-education, professional development
• Union fees
• Registrations
• Subscriptions and memberships
• Tools and equipment
• Home office
• Seminars and conferences
• Telephone, internet
• Computer expenses
• Any other work related expenses
Other Deductions
• Donations to registered charities
• Donations to building funds
• Tax Agent fees
• Travel to and from tax Agent
• Income Protection Insurance
• Investment and dividend expenses
Offsets and refunds
• Health Insurance annual statement
• Tax Installments paid
• Spouse details including taxable income
• Dependant details
• Your bank details for any refunds due
• You can also email, text, post or fax your information to us, including your contact details, if you cannot attend personally.