Tax Tips Jan 2017


The month of June is not the time to start tax planning. NOW is.
There are lots of things you can do to legally minimise your income tax.
I will list a few:
Undertake and pay for:
• work related study
• work related travel 
• work related car expenses
• work related uniforms and protective wear
• income protection policy
• donations to registered charities
• retirement savings (e.g., before tax contributions to superannuation via salary sacrifice). 
• Hold investments in the name of the lower income earner if you are part of a couple and in different tax brackets. 
Your particular circumstances will determine the tax strategies to use. 
It is in your best interest to do some tax planning now, so please contact me. 


If you suspect your company is in financial difficulty get proper accounting and legal advice as early as possible, as this increases the likelihood of a company surviving. 
Some warning signs of insolvency are:
• Ongoing losses
• Poor cash flow
• Incomplete financial records 
• Increasing debt
• Problems selling stock or collecting debts
• Unrecoverable loans
• Creditor’s unpaid or paid outside of trading terms
• Solicitor’s letters, demands, summonses, judgements, warrants 
• Suppliers placing your company on C.O.D. terms
• Overdraft limit reached or defaults on loans repayments
• Problems obtaining finance
• Overdue taxes and superannuation obligations

TAX TIPS 2017 – Analysing trends to improve business

Analysing your business performance is valuable if you take action to improve your business results, however one trend by itself, is not that useful.  If, for example, your employee wages are trending upwards, you need to also look at turnover, and profit; and then analyse the ratios of wages to profit. Doing financial calculations, and analysing ratios will allow you to step back from the day to 
day operations of your business and look at the overall business performance. Remember, it is only useful if you act on the results.